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Extended Studies staff want to give you the very best customer service!

You can let us know how we are doing or send comments and suggestions by:

  • E-mailing us at:
  • You can call us at (208) 426-1709 or toll free (800) 824-7017.
  • You can also drop by our Boise office at 220 E. Parkcenter Blvd. We are located in the Ron & Linda Yanke Family Research Park, across from the Red Robin restaurant in east Boise. Our office hours are Mondays-Thursdays, 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Fridays, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

View a map and get driving directions to the Division of Extended Studies.

Our mailing address is Boise State University, Extended Studies, 220 E. Parkcenter Blvd., Boise, Idaho 83706-3940

To contact staff within a particular area, see the list below:

Extended Studies Dean’s Office

Staff E-mail Phone
Mark Wheeler
Dean, Extended Studies (208) 426-3706
Peter Risse
Associate Dean (208) 426-3369
Janet Miller
Administrative Assistant (208) 426-3706
Lynn Harrsch
Business Manager (208) 426-3763
Julie Erb
Web Design Specialist (208) 426-3479


Operations and Finance

Staff Email Phone
Customer Services – (208) 426-1709
Adam Apperson
Customer Services Manager
< (208) 426-3191
Lisa Slaughter
Technical Records Specialist (208) 426-1702
Tracie Robbins
Technical Records Specialist (208) 426-5801
Financial Services
Ilene McEnroe
Financial Services Manager (208) 426-3296
Linda Berntsen
Technical Records Specialist (208) 426-3293
Lynn Harrsch
Business Manager (208) 426-3763


Regional Sites

Staff Email Phone
Larry Bierle
Director of Regional Sites (208) 426-4092
Kellie Rose
Administrative Assistant (208) 426-3492
Susan Mogford
Site Coordinator for
Boise State Center at CWI (208) 426-4080
Site Coordinator for
Gowen Field and Micron (208) 272-3758
Christy Bowman
Site Coordinator for
Twin Falls (208) 933-2305
Samantha Anderberg
Testing Administrator for
Mountain Home (208) 828-6746


Boise State AfterWork

Staff Email Phone
Jon Schneider
Director, Boise State AfterWork (208) 426-3703
Valerie Marsh
Academic Advisor, Boise State AfterWork (208) 426-3735
Tahni David
Administrative Assistant, Boise State AfterWork (208) 426-5730


Multidisciplinary Studies Degree Program

Staff Email Phone
Vicki Budd
Director, Advisor & Adjunct Faculty,
Multidisciplinary Studies (208) 426-5957
Alexis Kenyon
Academic Advisor
Multidisciplinary Studies (208) 426-4516
Rebecca Morgan
Administrative Assistant
Multidisciplinary Studies (208) 426-3721


Bachelor of Applied Science Program

Staff Email Phone
Jon Schneider
Director, Bachelor of Applied Science Program (208) 426-3703
Valerie Marsh
Academic Advisor, Bachelor of Applied Science (208) 426-3735
Tahni David
Administrative Assistant, Bachelor of Applied Science (208) 426-5730


Center for Professional Development

Staff Email Phone
Paul Bentley
Director (208) 426-2165
Lead Instructional Specialist
TBD (208) 426-2165
Lori Nate
Public Programs and Marketing Coordinator (208) 426-3861
Jana Good
Media and Publications Coordinator (208) 426-3740
Chris Young
Administrative Assistant (208) 426-2166


K-12 Teacher Professional Development

Staff Email Phone
Adam Apperson
K-12 Professional Education Specialist (208) 426-3713


eCAMPUS Center (formerly Dept. of Distance Education)

Staff Email Phone
Customer and Program Services
Sandy Howell
Distance Education Specialist
(student support services) (208) 426-4216
Student Services Coordinator
(student support services) (208) 426-5745
John Newhouse
Program Services Coordinator
(course set-up & maintenance) (208) 426-5622
Shari Stroud
Manager of Customer Services (208) 426-5918
Alan Copeland
Data Analyst (208) 426-5964
Carol Nickel
Administrative Assistant (208) 426-5961
Kathy Pidjeon
Regulatory Affairs Coordinator (208) 426-3734
Jori Ford
Program Development Manager
(new online programs) (208) 426-3736
Kelley Brandt
Associate Director (208) 426-5962
Instructional Design Support Unit
Noreen Beckie
Instructional Design Consultant (208) 426-5908
Ken-Zen Chen
Instructional Design Consultant (208) 426-5914
Allan Heaps
Senior Instructional Design Consultant/Manager (208) 426-5917
Emily Jones
Instructional Design Consultant (208) 426-5965
Crystal Nielsen
Instructional Design Consultant/eQIP Coordinator (208) 426-4223
Daren Olson
Instructional Design Consultant (208) 426-5951
Corinna Provant-Robishaw
Instructional Design Consultant (208) 426-5904
Michael Lopez
Web Developer TBD
Heather Sanders
Instructional Design Specialist (208) 426-3834
Joshua Malan
Instructional Designer/Multimedia Developer (208) 426-5958
Christine Bauer
Assistant Director (208) 426-5903
Janet Atkinson
Director (208) 426-1689
Dalton Routh
Business Manager (208) 426-5430


Summer Sessions

Staff Email Phone
Regina Jenkins
Director (208) 426-3295


Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit for High School Students

Staff Email Phone
Fabiola Juarez-Coca
Director (208) 426-2281
Kristi Lakatos
Coordinator (208) 426-3294
Ian Alvarado II
Coordinator (208) 426-3738
Nichole Snyder
Administrative Assistant (208) 426-3750
Carina Davio
Sophomore Start Coordinator (208) 426-1723


Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Boise State

Staff Email Phone
Rosemary Reinhardt
Director (208) 426-2047
Lisa Duplessie
Program Coordinator (208) 426-2027
Jill Chmelko
Administrative Assistant (208) 426-2002


Military Program

Staff Email Phone
Gowen Field Site Coordinator (208) 272-3758
Samantha Anderberg
Mountain Home Testing Administrator (208) 828-6746


For more information, please call:
Boise State Extended Studies at (208) 426-1709;
Toll-Free: 1-800-824-7017
(Press “5” for Extended Studies in the phone options list.)

Or email us:


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