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Concurrent Enrollment Instructors and Counselors

Welcome to the Concurrent Enrollment program at Boise State University.

High achievers in high school need to be challenged beyond what is ‘good enough’ to make the grade. When they are expected to write and think like college students, their attitude changes. No longer are they cruising through high school. They’re reaching for excellence, and they’ve got the credits to show for it. –Melinda Garcia, Idaho Digital Learning High School English Instructor

Through the Concurrent Enrollment program, Boise State University and high schools work together to offer college-level courses to high school students so they can get an early start on their college career. 

Started in 1998 with legislative support, the Boise State University Concurrent Enrollment program has provided thousands of Idaho students the opportunity to enroll in and complete college-level courses while still in high school.

The Boise State Concurrent Enrollment program’s success is driven by partnerships between qualified high school instructors and Boise State University academic departments.

Boise State University takes pride in the opportunity to play a significant role in the education of top performing students in Idaho.

Concurrent Enrollment Program Benefits

  • Increases enthusiasm and motivation among high school students and teachers
  • Provides high school students the opportunity to experience the rigor and intellectual challenge of university classes and earn a letter grade on a college transcript while still in high school
  • Aids students in gaining confidence for college success
  • Provides an opportunity for university faculty and high school teachers to work together and share methods, ideas, and experiences
  • Provides support for classrooms in the form of textbooks, lab supplies, and access to University academic resources to ensure a congruent classrooms experience
  • Provides professional development opportunities for high school instructors to improve instruction methods and increase rigor


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