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Concurrent Enrollment Student Handbook

You are now a Boise State University Student.

When you are admitted through Boise State’s Concurrent Enrollment program, you become a member of our student body. You work toward an actual letter grade recorded on a Boise State transcript. By taking advantage of concurrent enrollment opportunities, you gain access to university courses, build confidence in your ability to do university coursework, and get early start on your college career.

With the responsibility of taking college level coursework, comes following guidelines and policies set to ensure Boise State’s Concurrent Enrollment program maintains its high standards and quality.

For details on student policies related to participation in the Concurrent Enrollment program, please download and read the Boise State University Concurrent Enrollment Student Handbook (PDF).

Topics in the handbook include:

  • Student Benefits
  • Boise State Student ID
  • Library Access
  • Writing Center
  • Free Tutorial Services
  • myBoiseState Account
  • Credits for Concurrent Enrollment
  • Credit Transfer

  • General Information Grades
  • Grading Scale
  • Transcript Requests
  • Course Withdrawal Process and Deadlines
  • Differences between the Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) and the Advanced Placement Program (AP)

  • Enrolling at Boise State After High School
  • Academic Honesty
  • Types of Degrees
  • Applying to Boise State
  • College Readiness Tips
  • Concurrent Enrollment Office
  • Contacts and Resources

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