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Credit Milestones

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Credit Milestone Options

Students can achieve various milestones when it comes to earning college credits while still in high school. While achieving any college credit milestone as a high school student is a great accomplishment, it is important to understand how these options will apply to your intended major to ensure a seamless transition to your future college or university environment. It is recommended that you contact the college/university you plan to attend to understand how these benchmarks will apply.

Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment Credits

Earning college credits by completing one or more concurrent enrollment classes in high school is a remarkable accomplishment. By doing so, you are already ahead of many students and have taken the initiative to get a head start on your college degree. Students who take concurrent enrollment courses in high school are statistically more likely to go on to college, finish college on time, and do better academically than other students. Take some time to understand how the credits you have earned will transfer and apply to a degree at the college/university you plan to attend.

Core Certification (Idaho)

Students who meet Idaho State Board of Education General Education Matriculation (GEM) requirements and have a minimum of thirty-six (36) GEM course semester credit hours will be considered core certified. You can find GEM course options by college by visiting GENED Courses in the Course Transfer website. Students are still responsible for meeting all graduation requirements, including specific courses required for a degree.

Associate Degree

An associate degree is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by colleges and universities upon completion of approximately 60 credits. This is a significant milestone for high school students and should be reserved for especially motivated students looking to invest time and hard work to obtain an associate degree while still in high school. If you want to earn an associate degree and plan to go on to earn a bachelor’s degree, it is crucial to understand how your intended college will accept credits earned within an associate degree.

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