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Concurrent Enrollment Faculty Liaisons

The quality and academic rigor of the Concurrent Enrollment program is dependent on the active participation of our Faculty Liaisons.

Faculty Liaisons play an essential role in the success of our Concurrent Enrollment program (CEP). They provide curriculum oversight, approve new instructors, conduct classroom observation visits and lead professional development workshops. Most importantly, Faculty Liaisons implement accreditation standards set by the Idaho State Board of Education and National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) to ensure quality course content and an equivalent university experience for students and instructors.

The primary responsibilities of the Faculty Liaisons include:

New Instructor Approval and Orientation

Faculty Liaisons review and approve all new applications submitted by high school instructors to ensure CEP classes reflect the University’s and/or academic department’s pedagogical, theoretical and philosophical orientation. Once a new instructor is approved, Faculty Liaisons orient them to the course curriculum, assessment criteria and philosophy. Find more information on the New Instructor Approval and Orientation page.

Syllabus Review

One way that Faculty Liaisons help to ensure that Concurrent Enrollment courses align with their on campus counterparts is to review and approve all syllabi for CE courses. Faculty Liaisons and Concurrent Enrollment instructors should follow the process for the review and approval of Concurrent Enrollment course syllabi found on the Syllabus Review page.

Classroom Observation

Faculty Liaisons visit new high school instructors onsite annually and continuing instructors every other year. Observations are documented to provide instructors with feedback to continually improve the classroom experience for Concurrent Enrollment students. Faculty Liaisons are also available to present discipline specific lectures onsite directly to concurrent enrollment students. Find more information on the Classroom Observation page.

Ongoing Training and Mentorship

Faculty Liaisons communicate department specific information to instructors on a regular basis, and include instructors in all department correspondence, listservs, academic notices and general information. In addition to ongoing communication, Faculty Liaisons also conduct annual professional development workshops on course integrity, grading standards, course pedagogy, theory and philosophy and other discipline specific topics. Find more information on the Ongoing Training and Mentorship page.

Addressing Non-Compliance Concerns

In order to to ensure the quality of classes offered by CEP, instructors are required to follow specific course and professional guidelines. If the requirements are not met, the Faculty Liaison or CEP director will the take necessary steps outlined in this section to ensure the instructor is in compliance. Find more information on the Addressing Non-Compliance Concerns page.

Additional Resources

This page contains a list of on campus and online resources that Faculty Liaisons can share with instructors to support their teaching. Find more information on the Additional Resources page.


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