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Ongoing Training and Mentorship

Professional Development

Faculty Liaisons are expected to conduct annual professional development workshops on course integrity, grading standards, course pedagogy, theory and philosophy, or other appropriate topics in each content area. This content can be provided in a group meeting or through professional development opportunities. The Concurrent Enrollment program (CEP) provides time and space to conduct discipline specific professional development during the annual Fall Instructor Training in early August, but Faculty Liaisons can choose to hold their professional development events on an alternate date. Faculty Liaisons will receive event planning support from the CEP to schedule and organize their professional development meetings.

NACEP produced an issue brief with helpful ideas about ways to provide meaningful and collegial professional development for instructors. The Issue Brief can be found at this link.

In addition to annual, organized professional development events, Faculty Liaisons are encouraged to communicate department specific information to instructors on a regular basis, and include instructors in all department correspondence, listservs, academic notices and general information. Please copy the CEP director on any such email correspondence.

Faculty Liaisons will be expected to complete the Professional Development Form to document the work done during the meeting. The cost for instructor travel, parking, and materials will be covered by the CEP.

The Boise State Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) also has numerous University wide faculty development opportunities in which instructors are encouraged to participate. For more information visit

In addition to attending annual professional development meetings, instructors are required to submit by email an updated class syllabus annually before school starts. This ensures that the academic department and the CEP has the latest curriculum changes on file. This is a requirement for NACEP accreditation, as well as ensures accessibility for students and other institutions when requested for transferability evaluation purposes.

NACEP Accredited

Training and Mentorship Accreditation Standards

The processes and practices of providing ongoing training and mentorship for concurrent enrollment instructors at Boise State are aligned with the following NACEP Accreditation Standards:

  • Faculty 3 (F3): Concurrent enrollment instructors participate in college/university provided annual discipline-specific professional development and ongoing collegial interaction to further enhance instructors’ pedagogy and breadth of knowledge in the discipline.
  • Faculty 4 (F4): The CEP ensures instructors are informed of and adhere to program policies and procedures.
  • Assessment 1 (A1): The college/university ensures concurrent enrollment students’ proficiency of learning outcomes is measured using comparable grading standards and assessment methods to on campus sections.

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