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Sophomore Start Academic Advising

Why Academic Advising for the Sophomore Start Option?

While most dual credit courses that institutions offer will count for a number of college credits, they may not fulfill requirements for a specific major or help students achieve their college goals. Students will meet with a Sophomore Start advisor to develop a personalized degree plan that fits their degree interests and personal goals based on the courses available at their high school. The degree plan will ensure that courses taken while in high school will apply seamlessly toward a degree at Boise State University.

Advising Meetings

Sophomore Start participants will meet at least once each academic year with a Concurrent Enrollment advisor to develop and maintain a 30 credit degree plan

Freshman or Sophomore Year
Advising sessions for new Sophomore Start students will examine the outlook of when and where students may take college-level courses to reach 30 credits. Each year during a students high school tenure will be discussed, and the Sophomore Start advisor will provide information regarding potential summer course options. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes and take place at the Concurrent Enrollment office (220 E. Parkcenter Blvd) or at a Boise State satellite location (Meridian or Nampa). Considering the strong commitment that taking 30 college credits in high school can be it is recommended that parent(s) or guardian(s) attend the first advising session.

Junior Year
Students who begin Sophomore Start in their junior year will follow the advising structure above. Returning Sophomore Start students will meet with an advisor to gauge which classes will be taken during their final two years of high school. The Sophomore Start advisor will provide an updated list of available courses at one’s high school, while also considering summer course options that will lead into the final year of participation.

Senior Year
An advising session senior year will finalize the credits a student has earned throughout their time in the option. Additionally, advisors will discuss post-secondary scholarship opportunities, Boise State admissions information, and provide details related to campus visits. These advising sessions help advisors stay up-to-date on a students progress in the program and are meant to provide an opportunity for parents/guardians and students to get their higher education questions answered.

Start Thinking About Your Path

Before you meet with a Concurrent Enrollment advisor, you can begin thinking about what major you are interested in and their goals for completion of college credit while still in high school. Students will draft a degree plan based on these options during their first advising session. The links below will help you explore degrees offered at Boise State University, and discover tools and online workshops that can help you choose the path that is right for you!

The Sophomore Start Degree Plan

The Sophomore Start degree plan will be based on courses available at each high school and can be supplemented by summer courses on the Boise State campus or IDLA courses.

For More Information Contact Sophomore Start.

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