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Sophomore Start Academic Advising

Why Academic Advising for the Sophomore Start Option?

We want students to be successful! While most dual credit courses that colleges offer will count for a number of college credits, they may not fulfill requirements for a specific major or help students achieve their college goals. Students will meet with a academic Sophomore Start advisor to develop a personalized degree plan that fits their individual degree choice and personal goals based on the courses available at their high school. The degree plan will ensure that courses taken while in high school will apply seamlessly toward a degree at Boise State University.

Advising Sessions

Sophomore Start participants will meet at least once each semester with a Boise State Concurrent Enrollment advisor to develop and maintain a 30-credit degree plan

Sophomore Year
Advising sessions for new sophomore start students will take place in the spring of sophomore year, generally around the time that students are selecting courses for the following school year. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes and take place on the Boise State University campus or at a Boise State satellite location. Considering the big commitment that taking 30 college credits in high school can be it is recommended that parents attend the first advising session with their student. Sessions are held on Saturdays to accommodate student and parent schedules.

Junior Year
Students who begin Sophomore Start in their junior year will follow the advising structure above. Returning Sophomore Start students will attend a 1-hour group advising session in January of their junior year. This group session will focus on teaching students how to navigate the “college system” and find information related to their degree interest, applicable dual credit coursework, degree requirements, and more. The Concurrent Enrollment advisor will be available immediately after the group session for individual questions and assistance.

Senior Year
An advising session senior year is optional. In needed, Sophomore Start students can schedule an advising session with the Concurrent Enrollment advisor at any time.

Start Thinking About Your Path

Before you meet with a Concurrent Enrollment advisor, you can begin thinking about what major you are interested in and their goals for completion of college credit while still in high school. Students will draft a degree plan based on these options during their first advising session. The links below will help you explore degrees offered at Boise State University, and discover tools and online workshops that can help you choose the path that is right for you!

The Sophomore Start Degree Plan

The Sophomore Start degree plan will be based on courses available at each high school and can be supplemented by summer courses on the Boise State campus or IDLA courses.

Course Options by High School

To view and download a listing of all Concurrent Enrollment and AP courses offered at each school, visit the Course Options by High School web page. The PDFs contain a listing of all Concurrent Enrollment and AP courses offered at each school, organized by degree requirements at Boise State.

For More Information Contact Sophomore Start.

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