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How to Participate in Sophomore Start

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Steps to Get Started

Interested in the Sophomore Start option? The following steps provide detailed information for students on how to participate in the Sophomore Start option.

STEP 1: Complete and submit an online Pre-Advising Questionnaire.

STEP 2: Upon review of the completed Pre-Advising Questionnaire to determine if you are eligible, a Boise State Concurrent Enrollment advisor will contact you to schedule an advising session. For new participants, scheduling will be done in January and advising sessions will be held February-April. Parents are encouraged to attend the advising session. Students not eligible to participate will be notified.

STEP 3: Complete the Sophomore Start option agreement, have it signed by a parent and school counselor, and bring it to your scheduled advising session.

STEP 4: Attend a 45-minute advising session with your parent/s to draft a degree plan based your academic goals and degree interests. The degree plan will be designed to guide you in choosing appropriate dual credit courses that will facilitate a seamless transition to college.

STEP 5: After your advising session, submit a final Sophomore Start Degree Plan online to your Concurrent Enrollment advisor. Submission of the Sophomore Start Degree Plan will signify participation in the Sophomore Start option, and make you eligible to enroll in on-campus summer classes at the reduced concurrent enrollment rate of $65 per credit.

STEP 6: If you plan to take a summer class, you must submit an application to take on-campus classes and attend a Summer Orientation. Details will be provided during your advising session.

Visit the web pages below to learn more about Boise State’s Concurrent Enrollment program and Summer Sessions.

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For More Information Contact Sophomore Start.

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