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Leader and Management Courses

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Developing Leaders for Every Organization

The Center offers training that is designed for the differing needs of leaders from the front line to the senior executive levels.

Leader Development Program

Increase productivity, improve employee performance, and enhance business interactions through effective supervision. This training program provides managers with practical tools to improve the performance of their workforce now.

View the Leader Development Program page for details.

Prepare to Lead

This two-day workshop is filled with tips and tools to help you succeed in your new leadership role. If you are a team leader, front-line supervisor, or stepping into a new supervisory role, you will gain skills and tools to help set your course as a leader.

View the Prepare to Lead page for details.

Becoming a Servant Leader

Many associate the idea of leadership with words like power, authority, and charisma. But historically those people who have actually made lasting positive change know that true leadership is much more about developing individuals and building community around a shared purpose.

View the Becoming a Servant Leader page for details.

Generations in the Workforce

Workplace dynamics are often overlooked until it’s too late. As tensions mount over differing work ethics, team efficiency can quickly begin to splinter. This course presents a fresh look at the essentials of team dynamics within the multi-generational workforce.

To learn more about these skills and how to register, visit the Generations in the Workplace webpage.

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