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Crucial Conversations

Tools for Talking When Stakes are High!

Whenever you’re not getting the results you’re looking for; it’s likely that a crucial conversation is keeping you stuck. Whether it’s a problem with poor quality, slow time-to-market, declining customer satisfaction, or a strained relationship –whatever the issue- if you can’t talk honestly with nearly anybody about almost anything, you can expect poor results.

A crucial conversation is a discussion between two or more people where stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. When we encounter crucial conversations, we can do one of three things: we can avoid them, we can face them and handle them poorly, or we can face them and handle them well. Join us as we discover what a crucial conversation is and how to master one. This course is very interactive and will consist of a real conversation that you may be stuck in.

You will Learn how to:

  • Start from the heart and stay focused on your intent
  • Look and notice when safety is at risk
  • Make it safe for others
  • Master your story
  • State your path while discovering others
  • Move to action to produce results

So You Will Be Able To:

  • Improve Dialogue and Engagement
  • Create Behavior Change
  • Build High Performance and Culture

To register for this workshop

Visit the Crucial Conversations registration page.


Giving leaders the skills and tools to effectively and comfortably handle crucial conversations to create relationships of trust.


Anyone considered influential by their peers and managers in their work and relationships or anyone with the desire to communicate with intention and solution.


Mon. and Tue., Dec. 2-3, 2019, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.


Boise State Meridian Center, 2950 Magic View Dr., Ste. 188, Meridian, Idaho. View a map to Meridian Center for location and driving directions.


$825, includes all materials


Group discounts are available for three or more participants registering from the same organization for the same course at the same time. Call (208) 426-1709.


Tana Monroe – Tana Monroe is the Director of Operations for the Department of Public Safety. She began her career at Boise State in June of 2010 as a Security Analyst and Manager – Threat Assessment and Security Analysis, serving as the university’s Clery Compliance Officer and working on threat assessments as a part of the Boise State CARE Team. Tana has taught Crucial Conversation over the past two years and teaches with a very hands-on approach. Tana received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Boise State University in 2003 and earned a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University in 2008.

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