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Your Effectiveness as a Manager

A manager’s effectiveness is directly related to their ability to delegate and empower others. Running from task-to-task and trying to balance all of the demands are marks of an ineffective manager.

An effective manager knows that good delegation is the key to helping people in the organization prepare for future leadership roles while freeing up their schedule to work on more important matters. This workshop will help you learn the practical steps as well as the attitude adjustments necessary to become a manager who empowers others and gets more done.

Course Topics

  • The reasons managers and employees resist the delegation process
  • The benefits to managers and employees of good delegation
  • The phases of effective delegation
  • The process for matching the right tasks to the best person

To register for this workshop

Visit the Delegation registration page.

Benefits of Attending Delegation

You will learn the practical steps and necessary attitude for becoming an effective delegator. You will also learn to identify and address the common excuses for not delegating, identify tasks that should be delegated, use a process to match these tasks to the right people and apply the delegation process to increase productivity and empower your people.

Who Should Attend

Any leader who desires to increase their delegation skills and empower their employees.


Thu., June 20, 2019, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.


Boise State Meridian Center, 2950 Magic View Dr., Ste. 188, Meridian, Idaho. View a map to Meridian Center for location and driving directions.


Dr. Jeremy Graves – Dr. Graves has developed and trained leaders within today’s workforce locally, nationally, and internationally. He currently works as the Lead instructional designer/supervisor of instruction for the Boise State Center for Professional Development Dr. Graves has presented workshops on business and leadership development in manufacturing, government, and non-profit organizations. He is a certified behavioral and motivational analyst, as well as a member of the millennial solutions team. He works with high performing teams and emerging millennial leaders. His dissertation explores team development and raising up leaders within multi-generational organizations.


$175 per person, includes all materials.

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