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Dealing With Difficult People

Learn to Deal With Difficult People at Work

We all want to be productive and happy in our work. However, strong or manipulative personalities can drain the energy from even the best of us.

This workshop will examine the four primary relational styles that are exemplified by the people we would label as “difficult.” By identifying the most effective ways for dealing with each style, you will have the tools you need in dealing with difficult people, resolving the tension, and get back to being productive and happy at work.

Course Topics

  • The four primary relational styles that represent the most difficult work relationships
  • How to understand the “truth” behind the related behaviors of each style
  • The best methods for dealing with each style
  • The common pitfalls of dealing with difficult styles

To register for this workshop

Visit the Dealing with Difficult People registration page.

Benefits of Attending Dealing With Difficult People

You will learn to identify difficult relational styles and discover the most effective ways for dealing with them in order to reestablish productivity and better team morale. You will also learn to avoid ineffective efforts that can create an emotional tug-of-war.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who works with difficult personalities and desires to learn the best methods and tools for dealing with them.


Wed., July. 8, 2019, 8:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.


Boise State Meridian Center, 2950 Magic View Dr., Ste. 188, Meridian, Idaho. View a map to Meridian Center for location and driving directions.


Paul Bentley – Paul Bentley is the Director and Leadership Instructor for the Boise State University Center for Professional Development (CPD). With over twenty years of leadership and management experience, Paul understands the challenges faced by leaders in private industry, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.
As a part of the CPD team at Boise State, Paul designs and facilitates on campus and on-site customized courses for private businesses non-profit organizations, and government agencies.


$175 per person, includes materials.

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