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Harvard Business School Immersion at Boise State

HBX CORe Immersion at Boise State

The HBX CORe Immersion at Boise State enables you to approach your work with a better strategic plan and an understanding of fundamental skills fit for 21st-century industry. Through our collaboration with HBX, Harvard Business School’s digital learning initiative, community members can pair the innovative HBX global online platform with in-person classes that help to develop or deepen competency in analytics, economics, and financial accounting.


  • Further your career
  • Understand and apply foundational skills in analytics, economics, and financial accounting
  • Complement your online learning with in-person class sessions and adapt your learning to Idaho Industries
  • Engage with fellow local participants and gain valuable connections through networking

To read more information and to register for this course, visit HBX CORe Immersion at Boise State.

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