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Introduction to Strategic Thinking

A strategy game to increase workplace collaboration

Have you ever thought of “Interdepartmental Collaboration” as an oxymoron—a figure of speech that combines two seemingly contradictory words? Well, in today’s challenging environment, a more pragmatic way to consider these words would be as the basis for a new organizational improvement alliance that will bring about increased performance. Learning the basics of strategic thinking can improve Collaboration even lead toward profitability.

In this course, participants will engage in an exercise geared toward building collaboration through strategy. The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine is a simulation activity that engages people in a gold mining challenge and allows each table to put together a plan. The goal of the simulation is to learn some of the basic tools around strategy as well as put them into practice in a simulation activity with measurable outcomes.

You will Learn how to:

  • Basic thoughts around strategic thinking
  • Simple tools to help increase strategic thinking on your team
  • Put the newly learned skills into practice through a challenging simulation activity

So You Will Be Able To:

  • Apply strategic thinking tools to a team environment
  • Discuss the vocabulary and concepts of strategic thinking
  • Implement strategic skills in the workplace

To register for this workshop

Visit the Introduction to Strategic Thinking registration page.


By using a simulation activity that generates a fun and fast-paced learning environment, participants will see a direct linkage of game behaviors back to the critical issues around strategy. Fun and involvement are important aspects of change and choice and linking actual game behaviors to desired organizational outcomes, allows learning to stick.


Anyone who works with teams or wants to enhance their strategic picture both personally or within your organization.


Wed., Nov. 20, 2019, 8:30 a.m.- noon


Boise State Meridian Center, 2950 Magic View Dr., Ste. 188, Meridian, Idaho. View a map to Meridian Center for location and driving directions.


$175, includes all materials


Group discounts are available for three or more participants registering from the same organization for the same course at the same time. Call (208) 426-1709.


Dr. Jeremy Graves – Dr. Graves has developed and trained leaders within today’s workforce locally, nationally, and internationally. Dr. Graves has presented workshops on business and leadership development in manufacturing, government, and non-profit organizations. He is a certified behavioral and motivational analyst, as well as a member of the millennial solutions team. He works with high performing teams and emerging millennial leaders. His dissertation explores team development and raising up leaders within multi-generational organizations.

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