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Transcript Request For Educators

K-12 Professional Educators

One official transcript can be sent to teachers – free of charge

A signed Transcript Request Form must be submitted first. Please wait to request your transcript until grades for your course have been officially posted. If you are uncertain as to whether or not your grade has been posted, please call (208) 426-1709. Submitting a request too early may result in a transcript being sent without all of your final grade(s) included on it.

It is important that you follow the instructions below to ensure that your transcript is sent properly.

  • Download and complete the Transcript Request Form.

    Important: Checking “Yes” for the question “Hold this request for posting of current semester grades?” will hold your transcript from being sent until the end of the term in which your request is submitted. This is useful if you are taking more than one course during the term, or if you want to submit the request before your grade has been formally posted. If you need to confirm that your grade has been posted before submitting the form, please call (208) 426-1709.
    See below for the date ranges that apply to this option.
    • Spring: Jan. 1-May 20 (Transcripts mailed the week after May 20)
    • Summer: May 21-August 19 (Transcripts mailed the week after August 19)
    • Fall: August 20-December 31 (Transcripts mailed the week after December 31)
  • Print and sign the form. In order to be in compliance with FERPA requirements, the form must bear your signature when submitted.
  • Submit the form to the Registrar’s Office.

To submit the form, you may:

  • Scan and email it to
  • Fax it to (208) 426-3169. If you wish to check with the Registrar’s Office to confirm your transcript request fax has been received, call (208) 426-4249.
  • Mail/deliver it to:
    Boise State University Registrar’s Office
    1910 University Dr.
    Admin. Building, Rm. 110
    Boise, ID 83725-1365

Pre-2013 Transcript for Mathematical Thinking for Instruction (MTI)

If you would like a transcript for the MTI (Mathematical Thinking for Instruction) course taken before 2013, you will need to contact Tena Welfring at the Idaho State Board of Education to request proof of completion.
Email Tena at

Reminder: If you are unsure if your grade has been posted please click the “yes” box under the transcript delivery information (on the transcript request form) box that reads “Hold this request for posting of current semester grades”.

If you have other questions regarding this process, please call (208) 426-1709.

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