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Mountain Home Boise State Classes

Boise State’s Mountain Home Campus offers the core academic classes for its students.

The Boise State Extended Studies Military Program has a scheduling system based on the traditional Fall/Spring semesters.

Also offered at Mountain Home is a wide variety of classes to meet General Education (Disciplinary Lens) requirements for students to complete an Associate’s degree.

All academic degrees offered at Boise State require a minimum number of credits in the Disciplinary Lens (DL) courses and two semesters of English.

The Mountain Home site is also a national test center, offering eCLEP exams, testing for on-line classes at Boise State and other institutions, and the on-line DSST exams (formerly Dantes), for academic credit based on prior knowledge and experience.


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    Start DateEnd Date
    70750ANTH 102
    Social-Cultural Anthropology3James NelsonOnlineAugust 21December 8
    70699ART 100
    Introduction to Art3Erin CunninghamOnlineAugust 21December 8
    70751BIOL 100
    Concepts of Biology4Linda BelthoffOnlineAugust 21December 8
    70752BIOL 100
    Concepts of Biology4Linda BelthoffOnlineAugust 21December 8
    71509ECON 202
    Principles of Microeconomics3John MartinOnlineAugust 21December 8
    76125ENGL 101
    Intro to College Writing3Amanda ReynoldsMoWe
    5:30 p.m.-8:15 p.m.
    August 21October 13
    76128ENGL 102
    College Writing & Research3Amanda ReynoldsMoWe
    5:30 p.m.-8:15 p.m.
    October 16December 8
    72324ENGR 100
    Energy for Society3Thaddeus WelchOnlineAugust 21December 8
    70811GENBUS 202
    The Legal Environ of Business3Joe LarsonOnlineAugust 21December 8
    76002HIST 101
    History of Western Civ I3Elizabeth FeltonOnlineAugust 21December 8
    71093HLTHST 101
    Medical Terminology3Melynda LewisOnlineAugust 21December 8
    71808HLTHST 207
    Nutrition3Teri AlbertazziOnlineAugust 21December 8
    70971PHIL 101
    Contemporary Issues3Emma EasteppeOnlineAugust 21December 8
    70101PSYC 101
    General Psychology3Scott ArmentroutOnlineAugust 21December 8
    72630SOC 101
    Introduction to Sociology3Carissa WolfOnlineAugust 21December 8
    71601THEA 101
    Introduction to Theatre3Ann PriceOnlineAugust 21December 8

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For Boise State Students

Go to and log into your Student Center. Select “Search” and follow the directions on the Search for Classes web page. Select “Mountain Home” from the “Location” drop-down list.

For Guests

Go to Course Search web page. From here, you can alter the search criteria to find the classes you need. Select “Mountain Home” from the “Location” drop-down list if available.

For online courses you can take from anywhere in the world, take a look at the Boise State eCampus courses.

Other Course Options For Military Students

Visit Extended Studies to find other degree programs, certificate programs, and customized professional development educational opportunities that are also available to you today.

Security and Access to Military Sites

Mountain Home Air Force Base is a military installation, which requires Boise State employees and students to submit to a security check before being granted access to the base. Please visit the Mountain Home Security and Access page for more information.

Contact the Mountain Home Coordinator

Phone: (208) 828-6746