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Osher Institute Advisory Board

About the Osher Institute Advisory Board

The Osher Institute Advisory Board is drawn from the membership and provides assistance to the Institute director. Board members head various committees and serve three (3) year terms.

Advisory Board Purpose

The Advisory Board supports the Osher Institute by acting as advisers and advocates of its mission, by promoting a vibrant learning community, and by furthering the educational and public engagement goals of the Institute and Boise State University.

Learn more by reading the Advisory Board Bylaws: Statement of Purpose and Organization (PDF).

Advisory Board’s Role

  • Advise and assist the Director by drawing on the skills and experience of members to ensure strong educational programming. Common areas of assistance include curriculum planning, finance, budgeting, marketing, contacting policy makers and community leaders, fundraising, and course operation.
  • Help build a dynamic member community by helping recruit new members and engage current members in social events, volunteer activities, and Advisory Board work.
  • Explore and propose robust educational programming, potential instructors, and possible venues for Institute offerings.
  • Support annual fundraising by financially contributing to the Osher Excellence Fund.
  • Serve as Osher Institute ambassadors and advocates in the community by raising awareness and sharing the importance of the Institute among peers, opinion leaders, educators, and professional experts.
  • Review and evaluate the performance of the Institute and the Advisory Board and recognize outstanding contributions by staff, instructors, and volunteers.

How to Serve

If you are interested in becoming an Advisory Board member, please read the information provided on this web page and complete the online Osher Advisory Board Application Form. All applications must be submitted by March 1.

For questions, please contact the Osher office at (208) 426-6554 or

Osher Advisory Board Members 2018-2019

Chair – Ben Simko
Ralph Bild
Russ Centanni
Carol Delaney
Bae Emilson
Chuck Folkner
Susan Gibson
Dennis Hall
Merilee Marsh
Mike Merz
Virginia Rivers
Gary Robb
Sheri Robison
Nancy Roehrkasse