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Osher Institute Calendar of Offerings

A Calendar of the Osher Institute’s Courses, Lectures, and Special Events

This calendar is a convenient way to check when the Osher Institute’s courses, lectures, and special events are being held. You may also add them to your own calendar. Any updates or cancellations will be reflected on these calendars and we will notify registrants via email and/or phone.

Click on the course to view its full title and description.

You may also view this calendar full width at its Osher Calendar of Offerings web location (opens in new tab).

To Save Individual Courses or a Series of Courses To Your Google Calendar

  1. Click on a course in the Osher Calendar above
  2. Click more details
  3. At the top right of the course details page, click on the dropdown More Actions and select Copy to “Your Name” or whatever calendar you want it copied to
  4. In the next window that opens, click the red “Save” button.

The course or the course series should now be saved within the appropriate month(s) of your own Google calendar.

To Import ALL Offering Dates and Times Into Your Calendar

Most email accounts’ calendars will import another calendar’s exported “ics” file that contains all of its events. By going into your calendar settings and following the “import calendars” or “add a calendar” online steps, you can add these events to your own calendar.

The first step to import all the events of this Osher calendar into your own is to click this iCAL download file link and save the file (named “basic.ics”) to your desktop.

After you have downloaded the “basic.ics” file to your computer, you may follow the steps below for two of the most common email account’s calendars:

If you have a Google Calendar
  1. Open your Google Calendar on a computer. Note: You can only import from a computer, not a phone or tablet.
  2. In the top right, click on the gear button and in the dropdown list, select Settings.
  3. Open the Calendars tab.
  4. Click Import calendars between the “My calendars” and “Other Calendars” sections.
  5. Click Choose File and select the file you downloaded. The file to look for is “basics.ics”
  6. Choose which calendar to add the imported events to. By default, events will be imported into your primary calendar.
  7. Click Import.

If you have an Outlook Calendar
  1. Open your Outlook Calendar on a computer.
  2. Under the Outlook Calendar navigation bar, click the Add calendar dropdown.
  3. Select From file. In the Import a calendar box, click Browse, choose the “basics.ics” file you downloaded to your desktop, and click Open.
  4. Click the down arrow next to Calendar, and in the dropdown, choose the calendar you want to import the events to.
  5. Click Save in the top left of the box.

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