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Celebrating Our Twin Falls Students’ Success

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Boise State Twin Falls Students Share Their Experiences

Photo of Happy Twin Falls Grads“I am really grateful to Boise State for providing me an opportunity to receive a double bachelor’s degree in Accountancy and General Business. Being able to stay in Twin Falls to achieve these degrees has been a real blessing to my family. Boise State’s partnership with CSI has provided opportunities for many of us here in the Magic Valley, whom otherwise, would not have been able to afford to obtain a higher education because of distance and other various reasons. Thanks again, Boise State, for helping me achieve my dreams!”
Steven Lott, BBA Accountancy & General Business

“I was so thankful to be able to participate in the program. I live 60 miles from the Twin Falls campus and was able to complete my master’s degree without having to move away from my community. The professors in the program are dedicated, ethical and knowledgeable and took their role as educators seriously which gave me a solid education that I rapidly put to use in job interviews and applications to employment. I believe every year will get better as this program grows. Extended studies programs are greatly needed in a state like Idaho where colleges and universities are spread out; small communities can offer access to a college degree. This adds to the vitality of those communities as educated professionals apply what they learn to their hometown areas.”
Susan Brown, Master of Social Work

“Being able to continue my education in Twin Falls and obtain my Bachelors of Social Work has given me more opportunities than I ever dreamed of. I am also the first person in my family to get my Bachelors degree and the Boise State Extensions program made this possible. Thank you.”
Tabatha Smith, Bachelor of Social Work

“Having this program available so close to where I have set up my home was excellent! I was able to get a top-notch education without having to uproot my family or drive to another city! I highly recommend this program to anybody who wants to make a difference in our community!”
Mallory Cotton, Bachelor of Social Work

Happy graduate from Twin Falls Program

“When Boise State University brought the Social Work program to Twin Falls it allowed me to continue my career while completing my education. This opportunity was invaluable and the ability to study with those I work with made this venture invaluable.”
Dave Heitman, Bachelor of Social Work

“I liked how the Boise State Twin Falls program was offered at night, because it allowed me to work full-time during the day. I also liked how I had many of the same students in my classes each semester. Getting to know my fellow classmates made getting my degree an amazing experience for me. The professors were also amazing. You could tell they enjoyed teaching us since they gave 1000% each class period even though they had to drive two hours to teach us.”
Jessica Heatwole, BA General Business

"I would like to sincerely thank Boise State for helping me complete my degree in Twin Falls. I’m sure I could not have completed it without some assistance with facilitating the cooperation with CSI and Boise State. I want other students to know that even if they hit a snag, if they persevere and don’t give up, there is help out there."
Cheri Martin, BA Criminal Justice

“I loved that I could finish a bachelor’s degree at the same pace as any other student taking classes at the main Boise State campus. I struggled with leaving my coaching job in Twin Falls and the Boise State Extended Studies program allowed me to simplify my decision and eliminate a lot of stress. I really enjoyed Professor Bourff who traveled to the CSI campus to teach a few of the Marketing and Finance classes and I also liked the flexibility that online and night classes offered.”
Amanda Brumbach, BBA General Business

Happy graduate from Twin Falls Program

"Going out of town to get degree in social work would not have been possible for me because of my job and family. The knowledge I gained throughout this program will not only benefit me professionally, but personally as well. I am very grateful to have been able to complete this program without having to leave Twin Falls and I recommend the Boise State Bachelors of Social Work Program at CSI to anyone interested in going into Social Work.”
Michelle Nielson, Bachelor of Social Work

“Without this Boise State University Extended Studies Program, I would not have been able to complete a four-year degree while working full time.  This program enabled me to complete my goal of obtaining a bachelor degree in Business Administration in hopes of bettering myself and my career.  The Boise State University Extended Studies Program here in Twin Falls is a real asset to Twin Falls and all of the smaller communities in the Magic Valley.  This program enables people to better themselves and this in turn betters our communities.”
Jamie Jacobsen, BBA in General Business Management

"I would like to say that Boise State’s Bachelor program for Social Work was a very excellent program. I was not a traditional student–but an older one, and the instructors were very knowledgeable and willing to help me and the other students in any way they could. The instructors introduced us to many of the community resources which really helped after graduation. I am very pleased with the long distance learning program through Boise State.”
Brenda Payton, Bachelor of Social Work

Criminal Justice Graduate from Twin Falls Program

“The Boise State program at CSI has made it possible for me to get my four-year degree. There would have been no way I would have been able to do this without the Twin program. I live in Burley and work 45-50 hours a week and have a family to take care of. With the Boise State classes in the evening it only took two years after I finished my two years at CSI. This program is managed very well and I strongly recommend this program!”
Kurt Daubs, BBA in General Business Management

"Boise State-Twin Falls Campus allowed me the affordable opportunity to pursue and obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice while maintaining fulltime employment and maintaining my role as a wife and mother to my two very busy children.”
Jacoby May, BS in Criminal Justice

“The Boise State program was an awesome experience, to get to know new people and new information.  For students working full-time it could not have come at a better time.  Thanks, Boise State, for all your hard work in bringing this program to Twin Falls!!!”
Armando Gomez, BBA in General Business Management

Happy graduate from Twin Falls Program

“My experience with the Boise State Twin Falls Program was excellent.  I felt as though we got the best professors that Boise State has to offer.  John Hurley and Dave Bourff, to name a couple, were outstanding. I also feel as though the Twin Falls Program was more job-friendly.  I was able to work a full time job and go to class at night.  The program coordinator made sure that the classes were offered when I needed them to complete my degree. Finally, I developed friendships in the Boise State Twin Falls Program with many people, including the professors, and I enjoyed the ride to higher education because I made friends along the way.  Not only did I receive a degree through this program but I became a part of a community.  I would recommend this experience to anyone.”
Aaron Pincock, BBA in General Business Management & Human Resource Option

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